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I run a busy dog grooming salon in Dublin and I started using Splash Pet Shampoos a couple of months ago.

I have found it great to use on dogs with greasy coats, only needing to do one application. The coats come out spotless and well conditioned. My customers have also given very positive feedback. 

Two dogs that I have been grooming for years who have chronic skin infections have found that Splash Plus Clear Skin Shampoo has completely cleared up their dogs symptoms. They had been using another medicated shampoo long term to no avail.

Overall I am impressed with the results of Splash Pet Shampoos so far and look forward to hearing back from more customers on their progress.

Treise (Groomer)

The Dog Den 



We had a problem. My Golden Labrador, the best trained hugger I have been exposed to, wasn't so pleasant to have up close. For whatever reason, as he got older, he took on a very strong oily dog stench. And my son was adamant that he sleep with him regardless of my consistent protest. Thankfully we found Splash Pet Shampoo to help with the odour.

Splash didn't leave Bruce with a pleasant smell, it left him with no smell. We had tried shampoos with the most beautiful scents, but they left him smelling like a rotting flower. Nothing could cover the smell. It needed to be removed. Splash did that. And it was well over a week before he needed another bath.

Hug a dog? There was no reason not to after Splash Pet Shampoo… even if we were having a good day already. Thanks a million guys!

Bruce (Owner: Sarah from Wicklow)



She was pretty bad and bleach baths weren't working. The bleach bath would heal the lesions, but it would make her skin worse in other areas because it was so harsh.

Within a day of starting Splash, the scabs starting falling off and her skin was healing better. I was bathing her just as much, and this was doing some good. She didn't have to wear the collar and we didn't have to worry about her licking. 

Same components as the bleach bath without the harshness; my hands weren't getting dry.   Really effective at healing the skin. Using it still and haven't seen any lesions come back for months.

Splash Plus got rid of the lesions and we continue to use splash about every other day and they haven't come back. Because it was a MRSA infection, I don't think we could have healed the lesions without the Splash shampoo

Before and After photograph

Jessie (Owners: Stephanie and Christopher L.) 


We had tried so many things. She was whiter and it calmed her itches.

Splash Plus worked immediately, and then every time we shampooed her it helped more.

Etoile had a really bad bacterial staff and she licked so much; it was gross; and this helped. I am continuing to use the product.

I loved it, it was great! I recommended it to another friend whose black lab was having itching issues.


Etoile (Owner: Alyce)





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Splash Dog Shampoo Review by Nikki Moustaki.